Upnext Beacon

Upnext Beacon The future of micro-location is here.

Beacons are short-range, low-energy, Bluetooth Smart transmitters that can communicate with mobile devices when they come within a 50 meter range. They can be used to create a highly-engaging consumer experience by delivering relevant content based on their exact location.

The Beacon platform

Welcome to the new era of smart locations

Upnext’s Beacon platform provides extensive capabilities for managing large scale Beacon deployment. It was designed to create, manage and optimize micro-location campaigns of any size.

It’s the most flexible enterprise-grade Beacon platform for powering your business.

Our platform offering

See how Beacons work

Implement the Beacon SDK.

Make smarter apps

Our SDK enables fast and easy integration with any BLE beacons on the market and is available for both iOS & Android. Efficient, secure and reliable, it's designed to introduce your app into new era of micro-location and proximity services.

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